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Contessa – Le Nozze di Figaro – Minnesota Opera 2017
"Johanni van Oostrum as the Countess, whose every aria was a transfixing combination of strength and delicacy. There was such a wondrous wistfulness in her opening lament, hers such a supple soprano voice …"
Twin Cities Pioneer Press, Rob Hubbard, November 12th 2017

"One of the standout stars of this Figaro is South African soprano Johanni van Oostrum and her lithe and alluring voice. It is easy to picture van Oostrum’s Countess as the grown-up Rosina from The Barber of Seville …"
Twin Cities Arts Reader, Basil Considine, November 14th 2017

"Her opening cavatina as Countess Rosina Almaviva in Act II, “Porgi amor qualche ristoro” as well as Act III’s aria, “Dove sono i bei momenti” gave testimony to her vocal musicianship and superb dolcissimo song and landed her a favored and cherished position in the hearts of those attending—as evident at the final ovation … A most effective and emotive performance."
Life in Revue, Mark Anthony Rodriguez November 15th 2017

"South African soprano Johanni van Oostrum is stunning as the long-abused Countess; her aria lamenting lost happiness, “Dove sono i bei momenti ” is the musical and emotional centerpiece of the show, and van Oostrum is glorious, with a warmth and purity of tone that floats to all corners of the hall."
Postbullitin, Jay Furst, November 18th 2017

Ellen Orford – Peter Grimes – Staatstheater Wiesbaden 2017
"The evening´s vocal highlight is set by Johanni van Oostrum in the role of Ellen Orford. She is nothing short of ideal for the part. The middle voice is wonderfully rich, the deep tones are unusually strong and the high notes a glowing illuminated sound. She is the not-so-secret heroine of the performance."
Der Opernfreund, Michael Demel, February 2017

Eva – Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg – Komische Oper Berlin 2016
"The best vocal performance of the evening, was by the South African soprano, Johanni van Oostrum. Whether in recitative, Legato, resolute dramatic parts or in the big interval jumps; technically her well-tempered lyric soprano voice - which tends to Spinto, seems to have no boundaries. The beginning of the quintet „Selig wie die Sonne“ sounded celestially, and for the famous „Schwarzkopf-Trill in the third act, even the strict Schwarzkopf would likely have given applause. Little wonder that the Bavarian State Opera has this wonderful singer, whose name one should remember, under contract as Figaro countess in November."
Der neue merker, Dr. Ingobert Waltenberger, October 2nd 2016

Judith - Holofernes - Theater Bonn 2016
"Johanni van Oostrum is perfect for the part; a voice with sensual seductive beauty, and unstrained dramatic vocal power."
WDR5, Ulrike Gondorf, May 30st 2016

"Johanni van Oostrum´s impressive, touching portrayal of Judith was impeccably sung.
Her soprano is rich in tonal colour, and she masters the difficult part with confident bravado.
Der Opernfreund, Jochen Rüth, May 30st 2016

Grete - Der Ferne Klang - Oper Graz 2015
"Johanni van Oostrum as Grete left not a single facet to be desired. Her effortlessly blossoming, gleaming, precisely pitched soprano is the vocal highlight of the evening… “
Kronen Zeitung September 28th 2015

"Johanni van Oostrum as Grete impresses with radiant, melodious singing over the whole dynamic range of the role and asserts herself with completely unforced heights against the sound waves from the orchestra pit.
She gives a gripping and many-facetted acting performance, portraying the descent of the innocent Grete to the depressed courtesan Greta, to the fallen street prostitute. With emotionally loaded voice and total engagement, she throws herself fully into the role, even hanging head down from a Pole Dance bar!" 
Bach Track, Isabella Steppan Sep 28th 2015

"With her clear soprano voice and technical precision, she was an ideal Grete. She understood wonderfully how to stretch the big melodious curves and how to develop the notes from a shimmering piano to a blooming radiant sound. As an actress she convinced with her naturalness."
Der Opernfreund, Hermann Becke, September 27th 2015

"Johanni van Oostrum as Grete offered a compelling portrayal in all acts, from the rebellious teenager in love, the transformation to Star of the brothel, and the following descent to Street whore, up to the last suffocated cry of despair over the lifeless body of her lover. The South African lyrico-spinto soprano who has been trained i.a. by Mimi Coertse, set highlights with her confidant and radiant singing. Joyful cheers came from the audience for Van Oostrum and Dirk Kaftan”.
Der Neue Merker, Peter Skorepa, September 26th 2015

"Vocally the work demands a lot of the protagonists: Johanni van Oostrum is a highly intensive Grete, and offers both ethereal piano singing as well as full bodied glowing passions."
Opernnetz, Helmut Christian Mayer Sep 26th 2015
“Johanni van Oostrum proves to be the ideal Grete with her agile voice both in the lyrical parts and in the dramatic outbursts."
Deutschlandradio Kultur, Jörn Florian Fuchs Sep 26th 2015

Elsa - Lohengrin - Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden 2015
"The South African soprano Johanni van Oostrum, makes a radiant appearance as Elsa, and has the ability to connect a touching girlish lucidity with dramatic high-altitude flights."
Allgemeine Zeitung, Volker Milch Mar 17th 2015 

Marschallin – Der Rosenkavalier – Deutsches National Theater 2014
"The Marschallin of Johanni van Oostrum makes the evening worthwhile: Singing with clear and tender attention to the text, her voice blossoming wonderfully with generous radiance - a noble Marschallin
Neue Muzikzeitung, Joachim Lang, November 2nd2014

"The Feldmarschallin of Johanni van Oostrum masterly possesses the many facetted layers of mature love that is aroused in a woman with humble melancholy and noble character. She pours out with generous vocal beauty in the famous monolog at the end of the first act - "Die Zeit, die ist ein sonderbar Ding".
Wolfgang Schreiber October. 2014)

"Johanni van Oostrum captures the melancholic longing of the renouncing woman and sings with deep understanding of the text. She can make her voice blossom and sings with startling radiance."
Deutschlandradio Kultur, Uwe Friedrich October 31st 2014

Mimi - La Boheme - DNT Weimar 2014
"After her phenomenal Elsa during last season, the expectations for Johanni van Oostrum's portrayal of Mimi was high. She fulfilled these expectations fully and completely, singing with radiant, rounded timbre and technical perfection." Neue Musikzeitung & Thüringische Landeszeitung, Joachim Lange September 8th 2014
"Johanni van Oostrum portrayed the part of Mimi compelling and with touching gentleness... " Thüringer Allgemeine September 8th 2014

Elsa – Lohengrin – Deutsches National Theater Weimar 2013
The "Redeemer" of the evening was Johanni van Oostrum. Had it not been for her, the Weimar public would not have had this vocally brilliant premiere of  "Lohengrin" to cheer so loudly about. Johanni van Oostrum undoubtedly is a name to remember."
Der Operfreund, Frank Piontek, September 7th 2013
"The discovery of the evening is Johanni van Oostrum as Elsa. One must search hard and long to find such an Elsa. She alone is worth travelling to Weimar for! "
Neues Deutschland, September 7th 2013
"The way in which Johanni van Oostrum as Elsa masters both lyrical and dramatical demands of the role, singing with vocal freshness, even after four opera hours, is absolutely astonishing."
Thüringer Allgemeine, September 7th 2013

"Johanni van Oostrum has seductive appeal with her youthful and radiant soprano. She portrays the doubting Elsa convincingly."
Die Deutsche Bühne September 7th 2013